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Burroughs vs. Taylor Card Preview


photos courtesy of Richard Immel; RImmelPics.com

We had to wait an extra few days for the colossal clash between Jordan Burroughs and David Taylor, but it is actually happening. The two have exchanged some jabs through social media since Burroughs announced he was wrestling Zahid Valencia at 86 kg. Jordan even called out Taylor in his post-match interview after defeating Zahid. There were plenty of behind the scenes negotiations that went into getting this match booked and, at times, it looked like it may not happen. But kudos to FloWrestling for finding a way to get it done. The wrestling community appreciates it! 

This match will occur on Wednesday because Taylor had to be quarantined due to contract tracing and was not available to compete Saturday. It will change locations, too. Instead of Austin, Texas, it will take place in Nebraska. Flo was also able to round up five other bouts to make an undercard, as well. Three high school matches will be conducted, along with a pair between wrestlers that competed Saturday. Here's our breakdown of all six matches along with predictions.

Anthony Knox vs. Ben Davino (116 lbs)

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