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Emily Shilson Strikes Gold – Cadet World Championships Day Four Recap

emily shilson
photo courtesy of Martin Gabor; UWW

The fourth day of competition has concluded at the Cadet World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia. The remaining five members of the women’s freestyle team started their tournament today. After they began the day, Emily Shilson put on a remarkable performance, coming back to tech a returning world champion in the finals to earn a world title. Shilson’s championship is the first by a Cadet Woman since 2015 when Ronna Heaton did so at 49 kg. Speaking of 49 kilograms, Tiare Ikei wrestled back through the repechage to earn a bronze medal at the weight class. For the wrestlers that started their tournament today, Macey Kilty advanced to tomorrow’s world finals at 69 kg and Sterling Dias, Olivia Shore and Leilah Castro will be wrestling for bronze, as well. Here’s a rundown of the individual matches that took place today.

40 kg – Sterling Dias

Quarterfinals vs. Buman Ayush Enkhbold (Mongolia)

Competing in the smallest bracket of the tournament, Sterling Dias was the last member of Team USA to take the mat Thursday. Dias showed got off to a hot start and was able to cruise into the semis. Two exposure points from a knee tap in the front headlock position got the scoring started, which also allowed Enkhbold to pick up a pair of exposure points of her own. Sterling got a second takedown with a snap and go behind, then immediately transitioned into a gut wrench which pushed her lead to 6-2 at the break. There was no scoring by either wrestler in the second period; however Dias dominated positionally and was very close to takedowns on multiple occasions.

Semifinals vs. Luchana Bekbaulova (Russia)

The first thing to notice was the height and length difference between Dias and Bekbaulova. The Russian was much taller than Sterling, which prevented her from getting any offense going. Dias was then put on the shot clock, where her counterpart attacked immediately. She did not convert the takedown until after the shot clock expired giving Bekbaulova a 3-0 lead. Bekbaulova then moved into a gut and rolled Dias through four times to quickly finish the match at 11-0.

46 kg – Olivia Shore

Round of 16 vs. Seyma Kizmaz (Turkey)

The was not a lot of action that occurred in the first period, so Shore was able to take lead 1-0 on a shot clock violation on Kizmaz. In the second the Turk took a brief lead countering and scoring off of a bad shot from Shore. In the final: 30 seconds of the match, still trailing 2-1, Shore hit an inside trip for four points and ended the match with a fall.

Quarterfinals vs. Nadezhda Matveeva (Russia)

Matveeva started the scoring with a single leg and then ran the score to 4-0 after getting two exposure points. Shore was undeterred and got back into the match with an ankle pick before the first period ended. Those two points were massive, as Shore picked up another two points on a go-behind to take the 4-4 lead on criteria. That’s how the match would end, with Shore completing a comeback and advancing to the semis.

Semifinals vs. Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia)

Shore’s opponent Dolgorjav came out very aggressively and was attempting to control her head and snap her down into a front headlock position. Eventually, Dolgrojav would get a front headlock. After some movement, she went for a pancake, throwing Shore to her back and catching the back of her head in the process. Shore tried to fight off her back but eventually gave up the fall.

53 kg – Leilah Castro

Round of 32 vs. Aizhan Sabyrbek Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan)

During the first exchange between Castro and Sabyrbek Kyzy, Castro grabbed a front headlock and rolled through twice with head pinches. On the first attempt, she was given four points and then two for the seconds. After nearly earning a fall, Castro threw a leg in and kindly guided Sabyrbek Kyzy onto her back where she was able to secure the pin.

Round of 16 vs. Othelie Hoeie (Norway)

Castro got on the board first with a takedown from a sweep single then exposure in an ensuing flurry. Those four points were the only scored before the break. In the second period Hoeie became more aggressive and took a series of poor shots which were stopped by Castro, and she repeated found herself with front headlocks. One of them led to a go-behind for a takedown, then a smooth transition to a gut. After a restart, Castro got another go-behind with ended the match 10-0

Quarterfinals vs. Tatiana Kabanova (Russia)

Both wrestlers were hesitant in the early going, resulting in Kabanova getting placed on the shot clock. During those 30 seconds, Castro attempted a throw which was unsuccessful, and Kabanova led 2-0. In the second, Castro was able to counter a Kabanova attack and scramble for a takedown, which gave her a lead on criteria. She clinched the win getting another two points for exposure with a crotch lift.

Semifinals vs Meenakshi Meenakshi (India)

The initial points were scored on a takedown by Castro. She did an excellent job of building herself back up after she was stopped and flattened out. Late in the first period, Leilah took a risk and went for a throw, which Meenakshi was ready for, countered and scored a takedown to give her the advantage going into the break. There were no points scored in the second period, though both wrestlers avoided danger and giving up exposure during a scramble. Castro continued to push to score, but to no avail.

61 kg – Morgan Norris

Round of 32 vs. Alina Antipova (Latvia)

Norris’ run in the tournament was short-lived as she got caught early in the first period by Antipova in a cow-catcher and was thrown to her back for the fall.

Antipova lost her next bout eliminating Norris.

69 kg – Macey Kilty

Round of 16 vs. Sonika Hooda (India)

Kilty’s tournament started off slow, but it that slow start didn’t last long. She was put on the shot clock first and gave up a point for not scoring in those thirty seconds. Before the end of the period, she did jump out in front of Hooda shooting a high-C and then switching off to a double leg for two points. Kilty extended her lead with two exposure points when attempting to finish another takedown. The match ended suddenly when Hooda went for a lateral drop which was stopped by Kilty, who then earned a fall.

Quarterfinals vs Anastasiya Alpyeyeva (Ukraine)

Macey struck first in this match with a single leg for two points. She added a second takedown with a snap-down, then go-behind. A pair of points for exposure, followed by a reversal by Alpyeyeva brought the scored to 6-1. Kilty kept up the attack with a third takedown, straight into a gut to lead 10-1. A fourth takedown sealed the deal and gave her a victory by technical superiority 12-1.

Semifinals vs. Mengwei Zhang (China)

What was supposed to be the toughest opponent for Kilty ended up being the shortest match. Macey scored two quick takedowns on the Asian champion Zhang, the second of which she used her whole body to turk the leg of her opponent resulting in a fall. Kilty would earned a trip to the finals and become a world medalist for the second time and perhaps more importantly, her hopes for a gold medal were still intact.

43 kg – Emily Shilson

Gold Medal Match vs. Shahana Nazarova (Azerbaijan)

The early moments of this match did not look good for Shilson as Nazarova quickly threw her by for a takedown and a 2-0 lead. Nazarova did not score for the rest of the period, but Shilson also was not close herself. In the second Nazarova countered a Shilson attack from the front headlock position and scored her second takedown. In the exchange that followed the Azeri wrestler was too high and Emily popped out the back door exposing Nazarova back for two points. More importantly, Shilson was in her strongest position. She then hit six gut wrenches in a row to end the match, before her opponent seemed to know what hit her. After finishing as a runner-up the year before, Emily Shilson was a world champion and had to defeat Nazarova, a world champion herself, to get her gold medal.

49 kg – Tiare Ikei

Repechage vs.Aisha Kappar (Kazakhstan)

Ikei’s quest for a bronze medal started with an arm drag to a go-behind and an early 2-0 advantage over Kappar. A gut from that same exchange moved the score up to 4-0. Kappar was still aggressive, and during one of her attacks, Ikei used a chest wrap to pick up two more points. In the second period, two more takedowns sealed the match and catapulted Tiare into a bronze medal match.

Bronze Medal Match vs. Munkhgerel Munkhbat (Mongolia)

Fresh off of the emotion for Shilson’s gold medal match only a few minutes before Ikei’s taking the mat, the Hawaiian found a way to provide fireworks of her own. During a scramble in which both wrestlers were close to securing a takedown, Ikei used a crotch lock to throw and expose Munkhbat three separate times, the first worth four points. The Mongolian corner challenged the sequence, and it was found that Munkhbat should receive two exposure points of her own at the end of the move. However, she still trailed 8-2. Not long after this did Ikei pancake Munkhbat to her back and earned a fall.

43 kg

Gold – Emily Shilson (USA)

Silver – Shahana Nazarova (Azerbaijan)

Bronze – Amina Ponomarova (Ukraine), Viktoriia Aleksandrova (Russia)

49 kg

Gold – Akari Fujinami (Japan)

Silver – Polina Lukina (Russia)

Bronze – Tiare Ikei (USA), Natallia Varakina (Belarus)

57 kg

Gold – Nonoka Ozaki (Japan)

Silver – Anna Szel (Hungary)

Bronze – Irina Ringaci (Moldova), Aryna Martynava (Belarus)

65 kg

Gold – Honoka Nakai (Japan)

Silver – Xinru Zhou (China)

Bronze – Soman Soman (India), Ekaterina Glukhareva (Russia)

73 kg

Gold – Yuka Kagami (Japan)

Silver – Qian Jiang (China)

Bronze – Kseniya Dzibuk (Belarus), Elina Pyshkina (Ukraine)

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