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John Smith to be in the Broadcast Booth for Tokyo 2021

smith, john

The people asked for John Smith in the broadcast booth, and that’s what they’re going to get.

At the 2021 Olympic Trials earlier this month in Fort Worth, Texas, the two-day international wrestling event’s broadcasting drew quite a few complaints.

Some were upset that there was no way to watch multiple matches simultaneously with a split-screen feature.

Others took issue with the fact that USA Wrestling had the weights and styles so intertwined.

Those watching on TV missed some marquee matchups during the best-of-three finals series, included round one of the Gable Steveson vs. Nick Gwiazdowski series, plus and other noteworthy matches as as well.

Despite the various gripes of fans and onlookers alike, having Oklahoma State head coach John Smith in the broadcast booth during the best-of-three finals was a big success.

Whether it was his exceptional wrestling mind, his cadence behind the mic, his Oklahoman dialect, his amiable personality, or some combination of these intangibles, he was a hit among listeners.


Well, the powers that be have taken note of the fanfare that Smith’s abilities in the booth drew among viewers.

Friday, April 9, USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender announced via ESPN Radio that John Smith would be calling the Olympic games for the network in Tokyo


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