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Junior Greco World Team Trials Entries and Predictions

severado, lamont

photos courtesy of Richard Immel; Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com

A week after twenty Greco athletes qualified for their respective world teams at the U23 and Cadet World Team Trials, ten more athletes will punch their tickets to the 2018 World Championships. This time it will be the Junior competitors who will be fighting for a trip to the World Championships in Tvnava, Slovakia. Below is a list of current entrants, their recent credentials, and a finals prediction.

55 kg

US Open winner – Cevion Severado

US Open runner-up – Joseph Harrison

US Open fourth-place – King Sandoval

US Open fifth-place – Dylan Koontz

US Open sixth-place – Camden Russell

US Open seventh-place – Elijah Varona

US Open fourth-place (60 kg) – RayVon Foley

U23 World Team Trials third-place – Sean Sesnan

Junior National runner-up – Anthony Molton

Finals Prediction: Cevion Severado over Joseph Harrison


60 kg

US Open winner – Malik Johnson

US Open runner-up – Ben Peak

US Open seventh-place – Logan Treaster

2017 Junior world team/2016 Junior world bronze – Taylor Lamont

Delon Kanari

Jet Taylor

Jon Massey

Finals Prediction: Taylor Lamont over Malik Johnson


63 kg

US Open winner – Alston Nutter

US Open runner-up – Mason Hartshorn

US Open third-place – Mosha Schwartz

US Open fourth-place – Dylan Gregerson

US Open fifth-place – Tyler Cunningham

US Open seventh-place – Luis Hernandez

U23 World Team Trials sixth-place – Raphael Rodriguez

Jose Rubio

Finals Prediction: Alston Nutter over Mason Hartshorn


67 kg

US Open winner – Peyton Omania

US Open runner-up – Dom Demas

US Open third-place – Riley Briggs

US Open fourth-place – Duncan Nelson

U23 World Team Trials third-place – Britton Holmes

Finals Prediction: Dom Demas over Peyton Omania


72 kg

US Open winner – Tyler Dow

US Open third-place – Lenny Merkin

US Open fourth-place – Calvin Germinaro

US Open fifth-place – Farouq Muhammed

Finals Prediction: Tyler Dow over Lenny Merkin


77 kg

US Open winner – Anthony Mantanona

US Open runner-up – Jake Hendricks

US Open third-place – Sawyer Knott

US Open fourth-place – Andrew Buckley

US Open fifth-place – Josh Anderson

US Open sixth-place – Hunter Mullin

Jack Ervien

Finals Prediction: Anthony Mantanona over Jake Hendricks


82 kg

US Open winner – Andrew Berreyesa

US Open runner-up – Thomas Brackett

US Open third-place – Zac Braunagel

US Open fifth-place – Spencer Woods

Finals Prediction: Andrew Berreyesa over Thomas Brackett


87 kg

US Open winner – Barrett Hughes

US Open runner-up – Cameron Caffey

US Open third-place – Matt Waddell

US Open fourth-place – Nic Casperson

US Open fifth-place – Keaton Fanning

US Open sixth-place – Dane Harter

U23 World Team Trials champ – George Sikes

U23 World Team Trials third-place – Kaleb Gaede

Finals Prediction: Cameron Caffey over Barrett Hughes


97 kg

US Open winner – Austin Harris

US Open runner-up – Anthony Riopelle

US Open fourth-place – Hunter Mooring

US Open eighth-place (87 kg) – Chad Porter

U23 World Team Trials fifth-place (130 kg) – Nicholas Boykin

Junior National seventh-place – Tyler Curd

Finals Prediction: Austin Harris over Nicholas Boykin


130 kg

US Open winner – Cohlton Schultz

US Open fourth-place – Thomas Helton

U23 World Team Trials eighth-place – Ethan Bunce

Junior National champion – Anthony Cassioppi

Finals Prediction: Cohlton Schultz over Anthony Cassioppi

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