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Junior Silver is Kilty’s Second World Medal of the Summer


photo courtesy of Kadir Caliskan; Germany Wrestling

The remainder of the women’s freestyle team was in action today, along with Macey Kilty who had made the gold medal match. Kilty came up short in her attempt to win her second world title of the summer, after taking gold at the Cadet World Championships in July. Her opponent was a returning Junior world champion that had recently placed third amongst Russian Senior women. The loss does nothing to dampen potential that Kilty has demonstrated going forward. She will be back and stronger, which should be a scary thought for women domestically and abroad.

Results from the rest of the team this morning left a little bit to be desired. Four of the five women lost their first (and only) bout. Alisha Howk was the only to win a match, and she made it to the semifinals before a pair of questionable calls late in the second period contributed to her defeat. She will have the opportunity to wrestle for the bronze tomorrow afternoon.

53 kg

Round of 16  Alisha Howk vs. Nina Kollarova (Slovakia)

Howk wasted no time in getting to her offense shooting a to Kollarova’s right leg while holding on to her tie on the left side. She then dumped Kollarova straight to her back for two points and more importantly a possible pinning situation. Howk never released the left arm which helped keep her Slovakian opponent from being able to fight through the position and secured a fall in 31 seconds.

Quarterfinals  vs. Ellada Makhyaddinova (Kazakhstan)

Makhyaddinova got on the scoreboard first with a single off of a reshot. She got elevation and was able to finish and take a 2-0. That did not discourage Howk who then used her signature dump to the Makhyaddinova straight to her back for a fall.

Semifinals vs. Aktenge Keunimjaeva (Uzbekistan)

Keunimjaeva opened up the scoring with a four-pointer after she hit a far knee tap from a front headlock position. The four-point move loomed large though as it would provide her with criteria throughout the bout and in the event of a tie score. Howk battled back though after finding herself in a front headlock again, this time she got the takedown herself with a sucker drag. The American stayed on the offensive scoring with a sweep single which briefly tied the score at 4, before a leg lace gave Howk her first lead at 6-4. After the break is when the craziness ensued. Keunimjaeva initiated an offensive attack however her arm was hooked by Howk, who then exposed her back. It was not called that way by the official, though who gave two exposure points to the Uzbek. The American coaching staff challenged the call, which was then upheld and provided Keunimjaeva another point for a 7-6 lead. With 17 seconds left in the bout, Howk fired off a low leg attack. She was behind her opponent who was held up in a quadpod, as time expired Howk rolled her through with a leg lace. Initially, the winning points were given to Howk, however, after a review they were taken away, giving the match to Keunimjaeva 7-6.

57 kg

Round of 16 Alex Hedrick vs. Viktoriia Vaulina (Russia)

Hedrick faced a tall task in her first bout, trying to knock off a three-time world medalist and past Cadet world champion. Vaulina took a commanding lead with four points scored from a dump. She then doubled that score after elevating Hedrick with a double leg. A second takedown from a double leg was obtained after a brief struggle from Alex. The Russian would advance with a 10-0 final score.

Vaulina lost in the semifinals to Qi Zhang (China) 10-0, which knocked Hedrick out of the tournament.

62 kg

Round of 32  Alex Liles vs. Hedda Strand (Norway)

The match started slowly as these opponents felt each other out for the first two minutes of the match. At that point Strand was put on the shot clock. After her best shot of the first period, Liles extended Strand on her stomach and nullified her attack, netting a point for a shot clock violation. That was the lone point scored in the first period. In the second Liles got in deep on a single leg then switched over to a double and wrapped up a takedown after a lengthy fight from Strand. With about 1:15 left in the match Strand picked up her only takedown of the match after shooting a single and finishing out the back door. Strand would continue to push for another score and ended up causing Liles to step out of bounds with slightly over three seconds left on the clock. The final score gave Strand criteria, and she would win 3-3.

Strand lost in the Round of 16 9-3 to Krystsina Sazykina (Belarus) 9-3 which eliminated Liles.

65 kg

Round of 16  Jayden Laurent vs. Yue Zhang (China)

The scoring began early in the bout when Zhang when for a wild headlock attempt which was countered by Laurent for a takedown. The American wrestler doubled her lead to 4-0 during a flurry by the edge where she outmuscled her opponent. Zhang then tried to initiate an upperbody exchange which drove the two out of bounds. Laurent stepped out of bounds first giving Zhang her first point of the match. A similar situation occurred on the opposite end of the mat where Laurent attempted a big headlock, and it led to Zhang stepping out and building her lead back to four points at 5-1. Laurent abandoned upperbody attempts and shot a sweep single, which led to her exposure from a crotch lock. Zhang then sunk in what has been called in folkstyle the “assassin,” an awkward, yet tight reverse headlock. Laurent got exposed for a set of points before Zhang readjusted and put her back on her back where she would give up a fall.

Zhang dropped her next match in the quarterfinals to Asli Demir (Turkey) 10-4 which stopped any hopes for repechage for Laurent.

72 kg

Round of 16  Alyvia Fiske vs. Zsuzsanna Molnar (Slovakia)

Both wrestlers jockeyed for position early which resulted in Molnar controlling Fiske’s head. She then reached through for a variation of a Dresser Dump, straight to Fiske’s back. Alyvia was not able to fight off her back and gave up the fall in 1:04.

Molnar was defeated by Anastasiya Zimiankova (Belarus) 6-2 in the quarterfinals which eliminated Fiske from the tournament.

68 kg

Gold Medal Match  Macey Kilty vs. Khanum Velieva (Russia)

The battle between Kilty, a 2018 Cadet World Champion and Velieva, a returning Junior world champion, began with Velieva driving Kilty out of bounds for a step out after she attempted a single leg. This scoring sequence was followed by a similar one; however this time Velieva was able to corral Kilty’s other leg for a takedown at the mat’s edge. After the break, Velieva attempted another single leg but was momentarily stopped by a Kilty whizzer. The Russian quickly limp armed out of the maneuver to pick up a second takedown and add to her lead, which was now 5-0. Velieva continued to stay on the offensive and drove Kilty out of the circle again, while she held onto a single leg. The final tally was 7-0 after a late caution, and one was called against Kilty for grabbing fingers.

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