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Review: UWW READY to Wrestle Online Program


By: Alex Steen, Editor

United World Wrestling (UWW) has partnered with World Academy for Sport to offer education programs covering many different aspects of the sport.  The prerequisite for going down the coaching, officiating or administrative paths of education is a baseline course called “UWW READY to Wrestle”.  The course is offered free online so I decided to sign up and see what it had to offer.

The course is broken down into an introduction and then four modules of instruction.  The modules cover how to wrestle, the history of wrestling, UWW and how to get started.  For seasoned veterans of the international styles, freestyle and Greco, most of this information will be review.  Some of it, mostly in the how to wrestle section, will be almost comically basic.  That said, the history of wrestling section had some interesting tidbits and the overall presentation is solid.

The people who could really benefit from this course are parents and wrestlers who are new to the international styles.  I dare say that anyone who has never been involved with freestyle and Greco wrestling, but is planning to be, should take this course to gain a baseline understanding of what they’re getting into.  That is the goal of this course after all.  It is there to ensure everyone has a basic set of knowledge before they go down whichever path they choose in the sport.  If that path is coaching, officiating or administrating the sport, there are further courses that can be taken through UWW that build on what you learn here.

The course only takes about an hour, depending on how much time you spend reading about great wrestlers of the past, and you get a certificate at the end after you pass all the exams.  Don’t worry, you get as many tries as you need to pass and can go back to review the material at any time.  UWW READY to wrestle aims to be a gateway into the freestyle and Greco wrestling world and it succeeds in being just that.

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