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What does wrestling mean to you? Tell your story with a video

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By Jason Bryant
Editor, Amateur Wrestling News

Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter who or where you get your wrestling fix. The important thing is simply the fact you get it. Right now, we’re trying to initiate a viral video campaign aimed at putting you front and center of the USOC, USA Wrestling, the IOC, FILA — anyone and everyone to hear real voices.

Post your video to youtube, post it to Facebook, post it to Flowrestling, post it to Vimeo. Share it on Google+, Tweet it, Pin it, do whatever. Get the word out. We’re going to work with Flo on putting together a page of testimonial videos from you. What does the sport mean to you. Why is wrestling and the Olympics synonymous with one another. It’s not the Olympics without wrestling.

Here’s my personal attempt. We’ll be posting your videos here and on Flo.

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