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What I Learned from the 2019 World Championships (Women’s Freestyle)


photo courtesy of Jim Thrall; MatFocus.com

Just like that the World Championships have come and gone. Before we turn the page on the international scene for 2019, we should go through some of the observations from the tournament. Since there is so much to unpack from the entire World Championships, we’ll break these articles down by style. Yesterday, we looked into the Greco-Roman team so we’ll move on to the second team that competed last week in our “Five Things I Learned from the 2019 World Championships”.

1) How Do We Rate the Team’s Performance?

This is the million-dollar question and the hot-button topic throughout social media for the last week. The women’s team made history by coming home with three individual world champions, a feat that has never been accomplished by US women. On the other hand, those were the only three medals that were won by the entire team. Many people felt as if saying that the team underperformed was a horrific injustice. This was a team that entered the tournament with two number one seeds, a pair of two seeds, and a three seed. Granted, there are plenty of potential flaws in the seeding process, so it should not be taken as gospel, but it serves as a general idea of where the team started. 

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