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Results: Meet Your Women’s U15 Pan American Team

Official release courtesy of Taylor Miller/USA Wrestling. 

The 2021 U.S. U15 Pan American Team has been decided after an exciting finals session on Sunday afternoon in Irving, Texas.

The winners of the 2021 U15 Women’s Nationals have earned the right to represent the United States at the U15 Pan American Championships in Mexico City, Mexico, Oct. 21-24.

The Pan Am team consists of Camryn Gresham of Ohio (33 kg), Morgan Turner of Illinois (36 kg), Emma Bacon of Florida (39 kg), Skye Schneider of California (42 kg), Julianna Ocampo of Indiana (46 kg), Rianne Murphy of Indiana (50 kg), Isabella Gonzales of California (54 kg), Haylie Jaffe of Pennsylvania (58 kg), Alicen Dillard of Colorado (62 kg) and Faith Bartoszek of Wisconsin (66 kg).

Gonzales earned the Outstanding Wrestler honor, who went 6-0 on the day with five of her six wins coming by technical fall.

Finals results
33 kg: Camryn Gresham (OH) df. Lily Runez (NH), two matches to one
Round 1 – Runez df. Gresham, 1-1
Round 2 – Gresham df. Runez, 1-0
Round 3 – Gresham df. Runez, 4-1

36 kg: Morgan Turner (IL)

39 kg: Emma Bacon (FL) df. Kayla Batres (CT), two matches to none
Round 1 – Bacon df. Batres, 13-2
Round 2 – Bacon df. Batres, 7-5

42 kg: Skye Schneider (CA) df. Gabriella Gomez (IL), two matches to none
Round 1 – Schneider df. Gomez, 3-2
Round 2 – Schneider df. Gomez, 4-2

46 kg: Julianna Ocampo (IN) df. Kaylyn Harrill (NE), two matches to none
Round 1 – Ocampo df. Harrill, fall 0:59
Round 2 – Ocampo df. Harrill, fall 0:31

50 kg: Rianne Murphy (IN) df. Heather Crull (IN), two matches to none
Round 1 – Murphy df. Crull, fall 0:55
Round 2 – Murphy df. Crull, fall 1:28

54 kg: Isabella Gonzales (CA) df. Amelia Fawcett (AK), two matches to none
Round 1 – Gonzales df. Fawcett, 8-3
Round 2 – Gonzales df. Fawcett, 11-0

58 kg: Haylie Jaffe (PA) df. Genevieve An (GA), two matches to none
Round 1 – An df. Jaffe, 5-3
Round 2 – Jaffe df. An, 5-3
Round 3 – Jaffe df. An, 10-2

62 kg: Alicen Dillard (CO) df. Kristen Schellenberg (NE), two matches to none
Round 1 – Dillard df. Schellenberg, fall 2:30
Round 2 – Dillard df. Schellenberg, fall 0:37

66 kg: Faith Bartoszek (WI) df. Avangeline Turner (CA), two matches to none
Round 1 – Bartozszek df. Turner, 5-0
Round 2 – Bartoszek df. Turner, fall 1:31

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