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Wrestling Underground #1 Preview and Predictions


photos courtesy of Richard Immel

On Sunday evening, the trend of stand-alone, fight-card style Senior level wrestling matches returns as Wrestling Underground throws their hat in the ring to provide fans with six exciting bouts. The event, dubbed Wrestling Underground (WUG) 1, was put together by former Oregon All-American and UFC superstar Chael Sonnen, and will be streamed live on UFC Fight Pass (6pm PST/9pm EST). The event will look different from a traditional wrestling match since its set to take place in an MMA cage. While the competition rules are generally the same, there will probably be some nuances that fans have not experienced before with action from the cage. This first event will feature six matches, five of which are men's freestyle, and the other is men's Greco-Roman. 

I'm curious to see how the event's presentation and production compare to the two previous cards we've seen this summer. FITE TV's production was rough around the edges, while FloWrestling's coverage was much more polished, though there was a site crash after the opening bout. With WUG 1 taking place through the UFC's Fight Pass, I'd assume it will be closer to Flo's production level. It's also great that our Senior-level athletes have another option for getting paid to wrestle. If this event is a hit, could we see more through Fight Pass and more tie-in to the UFC? After all, the UFC has a long track record of success with former wrestlers. 

Joey McKenna vs. Tyler Berger

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