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California Dominates Opening Round of U16 Girls Freestyle in Fargo, Advances 11 to the Quarters

 Release by Koral Sugiyama, Special to the Mat.com Faith Bartoszek of Wisconsin squares off with an opponent at 16U Nationals. Photo by Stacy Schiesl

The 16U women’s freestyle tournament is running alongside the 16U freestyle boys. These young women are showing no mercy in their fight for a national title, and with the pandemic forcing a gap in the annual tradition, no one is defending a 16U title–these girls have nothing to lose.

No. 3 Hanna Errthum (132) has been dominating on the mat. The Wisconsinite has so far outscored her opponents 20-0. Early this year, Errthum took fourth at UWW Cadets and fifth at the USAW National Showcase. Errthum will wrestle No. 16 Alicen Dillard (CA) in the quarter-finals.

Also from Wisconsin is No. 6 Faith Bartoszek (144.) Bartoszek won U15 Women’s nationals in May and was runner-up at the USAW National showcase. The Wyoming Seminary freshman will face Allyssa Johnson (ND) next.

No. 11 Rianne Murphy (106) from Indiana, who also attends Wyoming Seminary, has been putting girls to their back in less than 30 seconds. Murphy will face No. 12 Persaeus Gomez (CO) for the quarters.

The U15 world silver medalist, No. 3 Paige Morales (106) from California continues to make a name for herself. She will face Heather Crull (IN) next.

No. 9 Ella Pagel of Minnesota (164) also isn’t letting a single point scored on her; she has outscored her opponents 24-0. This eighth grader came to make some noise.

The upper weights will get to see more action this next session. You can expect to see No. 1 Sabrina Nauss and No. 12 SaVannah Isaac at 180 lbs and No. 6 Catherine Dutton (MO.)

The action will continue for both 16U styles this evening at the FargoDome and on FloArena.

*Rankings via FloWrestling, USA Wrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Quarterfinal matchups

94 lbs
Valarie Solorio (FL) vs Gigi Bragg (MI)
Brooke Corrigan (WI) vs Megan Valdez
Eyvori Jacquez (CO) vs Abbeygael Cabuag (CA)
Vita Savage (OH) vs Gabriella Gomez (IL)

100 lbs
Emaline Hicks (MI) vs Mikayla Garcia (CA)
Jayleah Pletz (PA) vs Angelina Cassioppi (IL)
Aubre Krazer (PA) vs Makenize Smith (IN)
Aspen Blasko (MN) vs Clare Booe (FL)

106 lbs
Rianne Murphy (IN) vs Persaeus Gomez (CO)
Lexia Schechterly (PA) vs Kiely Tabaldo (CA)
Heather Crull (IN) vs Paige Morales (CA)
Mia Zuniga (WA) vs Chloe Dearwester (OH)

112 lbs
Zao Estrada (SC) vs Ella-Lina Gonzalez (TN)
Calli Gilchrist (CT) vs Callie Payton (GA)
Raegan Briggs (OH) vs Josiah Ortiz (KS)
Reagan Riddick (NC) vs Cecilia Williams (MI)

117 lbs
Carissa Qureshi (CA) vs Ashley Naranjo (WA)
Cadence Diduch (IL) vs Gennaveve Matt (OH)
Madison Canales (TX) vs Valerie Hamilton (IL)
Leilani Lazaro (CA) vs Bianca Johnson (WA)

122 lbs
Shelby Moore (WA) vs Olivia Moreno (TX)
Alejandra Valdiviezo (CA) vs Haylie Jaffe (PA)
Aireanna (MN) vs Julianna Morris (CT)
Karianne Baldwin (WA) vs Gianna DiBenedetto (CA)

127 lbs
Taydem Khamjoi (CA) vs Joel Maken Ratzinger (MN)
Kaidance Gerg (WA) vs Alexandra Viera (NY)
Skylar Little Soldier (MN) vs Ciara Ringer (WV)
Alanna Haney (WA) vs Ragan Retell (NY)

132 lbs
Sydney Perry (IL) vs May Prado (GA)
Mia Furman (ID) vs Lilly Luft (IA)
Mishell Rebisch (AL) vs Cassia Zammit (OH)
Alicen Dillard (CA) vs Hanna Errthum (WI)

138 lbs
Avangeline Turner (CA) vs Lydia Roope (MI)
Caroline Gilstrap (SC) vs Genevieve An (GA)
Alessandra Elliott (NY) vs Attalia Watson (IL)
Nya Jolley (UT) vs Taylor Miess (CO)

144 lbs
Maggie Graham (TN) vs Nebi Tsarni (MD)
Kaylie Petersen (IN) vs Stella Steigler (VA)
Faith Bartoszek (WI) vs Allyssa Johnson (ND)
Lizzie Shunn (UT) vs Amarisa Manuel (MI)

152 lbs
Jasmine Robinson (TX) vs Alexis Ritchie (IL)
Aireana Bacon (GA) vs Alison Evans (CO)
Anna Vogt (TX) vs Abigail Ervasti (MN)
Genesis Gilmore (TN) vs Gianna Falise (CO)

164 lbs
Ella Pagel (MN) vs Jael Miller (PA)
Kaylee Davis (OK) vs Olivia Stean (KS)
Bella Porcelli (IA) vs Ali Haiser (MO)
Archer Jones (AR) vs Abbie Miles (PA)

Sabrina Nauss (MI) vs Dekota Carter-Ochoa (MT)
Blythe Cayko (CO) vs Savannah Isaac (OH)
Riley Cline (ND) vs Sophie Pollack (NY)
Grace Johns (KS) vs Kiara Ganey (IL)

Catherine Dutton (MO) vs Madisen Pillers (WA)
Alyssa Favara (FL) vs Taylor Knox (CO)
Genesis Carrillo (PR) vs BYE
Mariyah Brumley (MO) vs BYE

U16 women¬–states with the most wrestlers in the championships
1 – California (11)
2 (tied) – Colorado, Illinois, Washington (8)
5 (tied) – Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania (6)

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