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Final X matches set for Women’s Freestyle

Velte, Miracle

Photos courtesy of Richard Immel

With the conclusion of the Senior Women’s World Team Trials finals, we now know the matchups for the Final X Series that are scheduled to take place between June 9th and 23rd. The format for the Final X matches is a best-of-three series in conjunction with the Senior Men’s Freestyle matches. Here are the results from yesterday’s best-of-three series’ and the matchups, dates, and locations for the Final X series.

50 kg – Victoria Anthony defeats Erin Golston 6-0, 5-5, 13-0

50 kg Final X Series – Whitney Condor vs. Victoria Anthony June 23rd @ Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


53 kg – Haley Augello defeats Cody Pfau 10-0, 11-0

53 kg Final X Series – Sarah Hildebrandt vs. Haley Augello June 23rd @ Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


55 kg – Jacarra Winchester defeats Dominique Parrish 11-0, 11-0

55 kg Final X Series – Becka Leathers vs. Jacarra Winchester June 9th @ Lincoln, Nebraska


57 kg – Alex Hedrick defeats Michaela Beck 4-0, 10-0

57 kg Final X Series – Helen Maroulis vs. Alex Hedrick June 23rd @ Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


59 kg – Jenna Burkert defeats Kelsey Campbell 3-1, 10-0

59 kg Final X Series – Alli Ragan vs. Jenna Burkert June 9th @ Lincoln, Nebraska


62 kg – Mallory Velte defeats Brenda Reyna 13-2

62 kg Final X Series – Kayla Miracle vs. Mallory Velte June 16th @ State College, Pennsylvania


65 kg – Forrest Molinari defeats Jayden Laurent 3-0, 3-1

65 kg Final X Series – Julia Salata vs Forrest Molinari June 23rd @ Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


68 kg – Randi Beltz defeats Yvonne Galindo 15-4

68 kg Final X Series – Tamyra Stock vs. Randi Beltz June 9th @ Lincoln, Nebraska


72 kg – Rachel Watters defeats Hannah Gladden 11-1, 10-3

72 kg Final X Series – Erin Clodgo vs. Rachel Watters June 16th @ State College, Pennsylvania


76 kg – Korinahe Bullock defeats Mariah Harris 4-4, 2-1

76 kg Final X Series – Adeline Gray vs. Korinahe Bullock June 16th @ State College, Pennsylvania

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