Women's Wrestling

What I Learned at the 2018 WCWA National Championships


Just when you think you've seen everything in this sport, the 2018 WCWA National Championships come along. Over two days in Oklahoma City, more than 300 of the best women in college wrestling did battle with the action building to an incredible final day that had nearly everything you could possibly want. In the end, we saw a senior earn All-American honors, then get engaged on the mat, the Doi sisters leave their shoes on the mat after an incredible display of sisterly love, and an ending that even Hollywood might have found a little too far-fetched to be believed. The crowd on hand wasn't huge, but they more than made up for it with an enthusiasm and energy that has my ears still ringing. This was a magical weekend in so many ways.  If you missed our interviews with all the champions and the head coach of the winning team, check them out too. Here is what I learned.

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