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Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Coalition (WCWC) Launches #ThankYouMonth


The Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Coalition (WCWC) is launching #ThankYouMonth, Wednesday, February 5, 2020, on National Girls and Women in Sports Day (#NGWSD).

This coalition of wrestling leaders, with input from the vast U.S. wrestling community, will be making phone calls, sending letters and creating social media posts, thanking all who have helped fuel the explosive growth of wrestling for girls and women. This effort is designed to show appreciation for those who have made decisions to help female wrestling to grow, and show appreciation for the expanded opportunity for girls and women to wrestle.

It has been a great time for women’s and girls wrestling. There are now 21 state high school associations which have approved official girls wrestling programs. The NAIA will be hosting its second NAIA National Invitational for women’s college wrestling this year. The NCAA, at the Division II and Division III levels, have approved official Emerging Sport Status for women’s college wrestling.

Girls high school wrestling has grown for 30 straight years, with an amazing 27.5% growth last year. USA Wrestling’s female membership has grown for 10 straight years, with tremendous 20.7% growth last year. College women’s wrestling is comprised of over 70 programs and is growing all of the time. There is truly a lot to be thankful for. 

As part of this, the WCWA is calling upon all of those involved in women’s wrestling to make a post on social media thanking individuals and/or organizations who have provided opportunities for them to participate.

This thank you campaign can include athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, fans and others, both female and male, who want to publicly thank someone for helping build and expand wrestling for girls and women.

Those who post on Wednesday are asked to include hashtags #NGWSD and #ThankYouMonth on their social media post. In addition, in order to increase visibility, people are asked to also include a graphic, photo or video of themselves participating in women’s wrestling, to show the world what female wrestling looks like. 

The WCWC will be creating #ThankYou Month graphics which can be used by anyone in their #ThankYouMonth and #NGWSD posts.

Organizations that could be thanked include the NCAA, the NAIA, the NJCAA, the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics, NCAA Div. II, NCAA Div. III, college conferences, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), specific state high school associations, USA Wrestling state associations, the Women’s Sports Foundation and many more groups.

On a personal level, people can thank their parents, coaches, administrators, fans, friends, college, high school, club, sports league and more, those who gave them a chance to get involved in wrestling for girls and women.

The Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Coalition was created to bring the sport of Women’s Wrestling through NCAA emerging sport status to become a fully-sanctioned NCAA championship sport. As stated in the WCWC vision, the organization is dedicated in the guidance, leadership and governance for the sport of women’s wrestling at the collegiate level based on fair and safe competition, while adding competitive varsity opportunities for female student-athletes. For more information, visit its website at https://thewcwc.com/

Organizations represented on the WCWC include USA Wrestling, the National Wrestling Coaches Association, Wrestle Like A Girl, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, the U.S. Olympic Committee, the National Collegiate Wrestling Association, along with representation from colleges, college conferences and active women wrestlers. 

GET INVOLVED!!! Post a thank you message for women’s wrestling opportunity on National Girls and Women in Sports Day (#NGWSD), Wednesday, February 5, 2020. 

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