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“Wrestling Changed My Life” Podcast Releases Documentary Series on Dan Gable

Wrestling Changed My Life

Wrestling Changed My Life releases podcast documentary series on Dan Gable.

The Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast has released a two-part documentary series on legendary wrestler and coach Dan Gable.  

The series features original interviews from Dan Gable, Barry Davis, Lincoln McIlravy, Tom Brands, Jim Gibbons, Alan Fried, Tom Ryan and many others.

Part one details Gable’s match with Larry Owings, 1972 Olympic run and the creation of the Iowa Wrestling Dynasty, culminating with the 1987 NCAA’s. 

Part two covers the years 1987-1993 and focuses on Gable’s rebuild of the Iowa Dynasty, featuring never before heard footage on Tom Ryan’s arrival at Iowa, Tom Brands’ rivalry with Alan Fried, and the infamous Steiner Shuffle.  

You can listen to the documentary now on the Wrestling Changed My Life website, as well as all major podcast applications (Apple, Spotify, etc). You can also text the words DanGable to 555-888 to receive the podcast.

About the Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast

Hosted by Ryan Warner, the Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast features in-depth interviews with wrestlers and coaches to learn how the sport shaped and molded their lives. By stitching together stories of sacrifice, triumph, defeat and perseverance, the Podcast takes the listener deep inside the world’s oldest sport. 
To subscribe to the podcast, listeners can visit WrestlingChangedMyLife.com or text “Wrestle” to 555-888.

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