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Brock Lesnar: From Amateur to Entertainer to Fighter, he has succeeded at them all

The quest for a calling is something we all struggle with at one point in our lives. Some of us have to search a little harder than others, but not Brock Lesnar. It seems that anything he tries, from pro football to pro wrestling, he experiences a degree of success that we keyboard jockeys can only dream about. Maybe that is why Brock draws both tremendous praise and harsh criticism from so many. No matter how you feel about him, when he steps into the octagon everyone shuts up and watches. We at theopenmat.com had the privilege of interviewing Brock and we found out how this small town phenomenon is dealing with his success while staying focused on the task at hand, which is defending his UFC title.

What has been the biggest difference for you between Collegiate Wrestling and MMA?

BL: For me it’s been refreshing. Towards the end of my college career I was feeling burned out. MMA has allowed me to add some tools such as striking and grappling to the wrestling side. It’s a new atmosphere that has re-energized me.

In many cases you have been considered an “underdog,” yet you keep proving your doubters wrong. What are your thoughts on them?

BL: I have never viewed myself as an underdog. I have never paid much attention to those who think I am not ready or that view me as an underdog. The thing is that in life you always have to prove yourself. Respect, in my opinion, is earned and I have no issue earning it. The biggest thing is that I never have a doubt in my mind about whatever it is I am doing.

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