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Michael Bisping Plans to Out-Wrestle Dan Henderson?

By Steve Ficca, www.FightTicker.com Blogger

One of the most talked about fights as we approach UFC 100 is Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping. Henderson’s Olympic-caliber wrestling and world class jaw have made him a champion. In a recent interview with Fighters Only Magazine, Bisping’s wrestling coach Zach Light makes some bold statements.

From Fighters Only:

“He will take Dan Henderson down more than one time in the fight. He will, that’s how he is going to win the fight. That is how I see it. When they start trading I think Mike will win the scrambles. Dan is a great scrambler but in a scramble situation I think Mike is going to come out on top every time,” he tells Fighters Only.

“[Bisping] is fighting a guy that I have competed against, in the sense that Rampage fought him before,” he explains. “What I have done is basically helped him complete his strategy for the fight. Wrestling-wise I am probably one of the best MMA-wrestling trainers in the world at the moment.

“I help Mike stop himself from over-training and keep him focussed on the task at hand. Right now he is in phenomenal shape. He is getting two, maybe two and a half days of rest a week at the moment and his wrestling is better than I have ever seen it. There is no doubt in my mind that he will end this fight before the third round.”

Light sounds very confident in his system of training. He appears to believe that Bisping is ready to not only beat Henderson, but to beat him at his own game. Henderson is one of the world’s elite and if Bisping can pull out a victory here, expect big things for him in the future.

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